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The EuroSafe Imaging Campaign is an initative of the European Society of Radiology (ESR). By becoming a Friend of EuroSafe Imaging the ESR does not certify that any individual (or organisation) meets any specific health or safety standards. The ESR does not take responsibility for the safety practices of any individuals, or organisations, who complete this form. Any individual, or organisation, that becomes a 'Friend of EuroSafe Imaging' remains subject to the rules, regulations and laws governing medical radiation safety in their respective territory. Privacy: The ESR will only use your personal data if such use is permissible under Austrian law, in particular if you have explicitly consented to such use in the individual case, in awareness of the concrete purpose of such use. The ESR only shares your data with third parties upon explicit consent from you and in accordance with Austrian Law. You may revoke this consent any time by sending an email to