EuroSafe Imaging Steering Committee

The EuroSafe Imaging campaign is an initiative under the ESR Radiation Protection Subcommittee whose activities are led by a Steering Committee composed of stakeholder representatives. The Steering Committee is charged with planning, coordinating and overseeing the implementation of the various EuroSafe Imaging activities, which include coordinating communication and outreach, developing safety criteria, hosting radiation protection sessions, organising training and education activities, as well as ensuring that these activites complement other ESR projects and initiatives.

The Steering Committee’s composition of delegates from the ESR, subspecialty societies, related medical professions, patient groups, and industry, along with an observer from the European Commission, will ensure a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to radiation protection. The chair of the Steering Committee is a member of the ESR Radiation Protection Subcommittee.

The members of the EuroSafe Imaging Steering Committee (2017-2018) are:

Chair: Guy Frija, ESR
ex-officio Member: Christoph Becker, ESR, Chair National Societies Committee
ex-officio Member: Afshin Gangi, ESR Chair Subspecialties and Allied Sciences Committee
ex-officio Member: Adrian Brady, ESR, Chair Quality, Safety and Standards Committee
ex-officio Member: Barry Kelly, ESR, Chair Audit and Standards Subcommittee
ex-officio Member: Reinhard Loose, ESR, Chair Radiation Protection Subcommittee
Member: Wolfram Stiller, ESR, Leader Appropriate Image Quality Subgroup
Member: Peter Vock, ESR, Leader Clinical DRLs Subgroup
Member: Emanuele Neri, ESR, Leader European CT Dose Repository Subgroup
Member: Graciano Paulo, EFRS, Leader Ask EuroSafe Imaging Subgroup
Member: Claudio Granata, ESPR, Leader Paediatric Imaging Subgroup
Member: Lorenzo Bonomo, ESR, Chair EuroSafe Imaging Stars
Member: John Damilakis, EFOMP
Member: Werner Jaschke, CIRSE
Member: Manuela Messmer-Wullen, EFNA & ESR-PAG (Patient Representative)
Member: Nicole Denjoy, COCIR; Roy Irwan, COCIR (alternate)
Observer: Georgi Simeonov, European Commission


EuroSafe Imaging subgroups (2017-2018)

 1. Appropriate Image Quality

Lead Wolfram Stiller
Radiation Protection Subcommittee Reinhard Loose
Member Christoph Hoeschen
Member Katia Katsari
Member David Koff
Education Committee Laura Oleaga
CIRSE representative Dimitrios Tsetis
ESPR representative Claudio Granata
ESGAR representative Sebastian Schindera
ESSR representative John Damilakis
ESTI representative Denis Tack
EFRS representative Louise Rainford

2. Clinical DRLs

Lead Peter Vock
Member Guy Frija
Member Graciano Paulo
Member John Damilakis
Member Reinhard Loose
Member Laura Oleaga
Observer Georgi Simeonov

3. European CT Dose Repository

Lead Emanuele Neri
Member Davide Caramella
Member Graciano Paulo
Member John Damilakis
Member Alberto Torresin

 4. Ask EuroSafe Imaging
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Lead Graciano Paulo
Member CT Matthias May
Member CT Eileen Kelly
Member CT Robert Bujila
Member IR Philipp Wiggermann
Member IR Tommy Berglund
Member IR Virginia Tsapaki
Member paediatrics Raija Seuri
Member paediatrics Cristina Almeida
Member paediatrics Theocharis Berris

5. Paediatric Imaging

Lead Claudio Granata
Member John Damilakis
Member Timo De Bondt
Member Shane Foley
Member Guy Frija
Member Catherine Owens