WP 4

WP 4: Organisation of a workshop to present the Member States’ results

WP 4 is responsible for preparing and organising a workshop to present the results of the surveys under WP 3 and discuss with representatives of Member States the need for further coordinated EU action on quality and safety of radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine.

WP 4 is scheduled to begin in Jan 2021.

WP Leader: F. Giammarile
Co-Leader: M. Brada & D. Howlett

WP 4 is in charge of the following tasks:

Task 4.1         Establish the programme structure, and define invited presentations and speakers, panel discussions and handle relevant invitations and dissemination activities.

Task 4.2         Organisational arrangements, including meeting room, catering, registration etc.

Task 4.3         Preparation of proceedings of the workshop including the number and type of sessions, lecturers, duration, number of participants, general structure, and the main workshop conclusions and recommendations for further action.