Insights into Imaging

Please find below articles related to the goals and activities of EuroSafe Imaging published in Insights into Imaging, the ESR’s open access journal.

January 2021 – CT diagnostic reference levels based on clinical indications: results of a large-scale European survey (European Radiology)

January 2021 – ESR EuroSafe Imaging and its role in promoting radiation protection – 6 years of success

January 2021 – Improving justification of medical exposures using ionising radiation: considerations and approaches from the European Society of Radiology

December 2020 – Performance indicators for radiation protection management: suggestions from the European Society of Radiology

September 2020 – Radiation dose management systems—requirements and recommendations for users from the ESR EuroSafe Imaging initiative (European Radiology open access paper)

August 2020 – Recent updates in radioprotection (European Radiology open access paper)

August 2020 – Diagnostic Reference Levels based on clinical indications in computed tomography: a literature review

March 2020 – Harmonisation of imaging dosimetry in clinical practice: practical approaches and guidance from the ESR EuroSafe Imaging initiative

February 2020 – The Current Status of Radiological Clinical Audit and Feedback on the ESR Guide to Clinical Audit in Radiology and the ESR Clinical Audit Tool (Esperanto) – an ESR Survey of European Radiology Departments

September 2018 – The ESR Audit Tool (Esperanto): genesis, contents and pilot

February 2017 – Summary of the proceedings of the international forum 2016: “Imaging referral guidelines and clinical decision support – how can radiologists implement imaging referral guidelines in clinical routine?

May 2015 – Summary of the European Directive 2013/59/Euratom: essentials for health professionals in radiology

October 2014 – Radiation awareness among radiology residents, technologists, fellows and staff: where do we stand?

September 2014 – ESR statement on renewal of radiological equipment

December 2013 – ESR statement on radiation protection: globalisation, personalised medicine and safety (the GPS approach)

December 2013 – European survey on imaging referral guidelines

December 2013 – Imaging referral guidelines in Europe: now and in the future—EC Referral Guidelines Workshop Proceedings