WP 3

WP 3: Survey into the implementation of clinical audit in the Member States.

WP 3 was responsible for conducting a pre-Survey with the goal of collecting contact details and information on the bodies responsible for clinical audit at the national level in the EU 27 plus the UK, Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway. National representatives from the ESR, EANM and ESTRO were invited to complete the survey and provide links to the relevant authorities etc in their countries. The pre-Survey ran from March to April 2020 and responses were received from all countries targeted.

The information gathered in the pre-Survey informed who was invited to the WP 2 workshop and well as who will be invited to complete the Main Survey, which is designed to gather more detailed information about the current status of clinical audit across Europe. The Main Survey will be conducted on a ‚by invitation‘ basis in early 2021.

WP 3 will also perform a thorough review of relevant clinical audit and radiation protection related literature and guidance published at national, European, and international levels.

WP Leader: D. Howlett
Co-Leader: F. Giammarile & P. Strojan

WP 3 is in charge of the following tasks:

Task 3.1         Pre-survey to inform WP2 and identify relevant contacts.

Task 3.2         Main survey methodology and design.

Task 3.3         Main survey implementation and data collection.

Task 3.4         Literature review.

Task 3.5         Expert interviews.

Task 3.6         Survey data analysis and reporting, including report on literature review and expert interviews.