WP 5

WP 5: Preparation of further guidance and recommendations

WP 5 is responsible for producing a report on the identification of best practices in relation to clinical audit (suited for wider scale implementation), and to create outline guidance and recommendations on improving the implementation and integration of clinical audit into national healthcare systems, with particular reference to radiation protection. This report shall draft on the findings of WP 3 and the outcomes of the WP 4 workshop.

WP 5 began in Jan 2021. A draft outline for the structure of the final report was submitted to the European Commission in August 2021. Upon conclusion of the project, the guidance and recommendations of the QuADRANT project shall be made available on this website.

WP Leader: D. Howlett
Co-Leader: N. Jornet & F. Giammarile

WP 5 is in charge of the following tasks:

Task 5.1         Drafting the proposed format, direction and table of contents of the report in interaction with the European Commission, Steering Group, and project Advisory Board.

Task 5.2         Writing of the guidance and recommendations.

Task 5.3         Organisation of the relevant stakeholder consultation on the draft final report.