EuroSafe Imaging at World Health Assembly 2015

Posted May 27, 2015

The ESR was represented on the panel of a side-event entitled ‘Imaging for Saving Kids – the Inside Story about Patient Safety in Paediatric Radiology’ initiated and co-organised by the International Society of Radiology (ISR) at the WHO World Health Assembly in Geneva on May 26.

Around 60 policymakers, healthcare providers, equipment manufacturers, and patients from across the globe gathered at the event to jointly discuss what could be done to improve health and service delivery by maximising the benefits and minimising the risks when using medical imaging in children and how this could be achieved.

As a speaker representing the ISR and the ESR, Prof. Guy Frija, EuroSafe Imaging Chair, outlined the importance for member states to pursue a multi-stakeholder approach, to adopt tools to improve appropriateness and optimisation, as well as to develop a policy on medical imaging equipment upgrade. He underscored the urgent need to increase awareness among patients, carers and healthcare professionals and encouraged the launch of regional campaigns, following successful models such as EuroSafe Imaging or Image Gently.

Click here for the ISR press release on the event, the coverage in the WHO’s PHE e-news is available here.

WHA imaging side-event pamphlet

Is your Imaging EuroSafe?

Posted May 26, 2015

‘Is your Imaging EuroSafe?’ has been launched as part of the ESR’s EuroSafe Imaging campaign to improve radiation protection in Europe. The ESR has compiled preliminary results for the surveys on head CT for acute stroke and chest CT for pulmonary embolus, which can be downloaded here.

The latest survey in the ‘Is your Imaging EuroSafe?’ series focuses on CT head for acute head trauma. Click here to take the survey (5-10 minutes).

EuroSafe Imaging Keynote at 45ª Jornada Paulista de Radiologia in Brazil

Posted May 6, 2015

ESR President Prof. Luis Donoso gave a highly successful keynote speech on EuroSafe Imaging and ESR iGuide at the 45ª Jornada Paulista de Radiologia in São Paulo, Brazil on April 30, 2015. Presenting the ESR’s efforts to raise awareness of the importance of medical radiation protection, Prof. Donoso highlighted the ESR’s achievements of recent months, first and foremost the launch of ESR iGuide, a clinical decision support system for European imaging referral guidelines.

L Donoso_JPR 2015 Sao Paulo

MELODI Workshop ‘Next Generation Radiation Protection Research’

Posted May 4, 2015

The MELODI (Multidisciplinary European Low Dose Initiative) 2015 workshop Next Generation Radiation Protection Research will be held from 9-11 November 2015 in Munich/Germany, bringing together researchers, professionals and officials to discuss the future of radiation protection research in Europe.

With a programme focusing on new technologies enabling improved health risk estimates after exposures to ionising radiation with low doses, one of the fields to be discussed at the workshop is radiation protection for medical appliances using ionising radiation. The Call for Abstracts is open until 15 June 2015.

As part of the EuroSafe Imaging Call for Action, the ESR is working with MELODI and other medical associations to develop a Strategic Research Agenda for medical radiation protection.

EuroSafe Imaging marks first anniversary at ECR 2015

Posted March 25, 2015

One year on from its launch in March 2014, EuroSafe Imaging took stock of the ESR’s achievements in relation to the Call for Action – from the launch of clinical audit templates and the publication of an equipment update policy to the ESR’s contribution to developing a strategic research agenda for radiation protection – while also setting the stage for the challenges of the coming year, such as the roll-out of the clinical decision support platform ESR iGuide and increased outreach beyond Europe to establish a global patient safety culture.

For a report on EuroSafe Imaging’s activities at ECR 2015 and other recent developments, click here. The posters from the ECR 2015 EuroSafe Imaging exhibition are available here.

EuroSafe Imaging_exhibition opening
EuroSafe Imaging Steering Committee Chair Prof. Guy Frija opens the EuroSafe Imaging poster exhibition.

ESR congratulates African radiologists on AFROSAFE launch

Posted March 25, 2015

Part of EuroSafe Imaging’s mission is to foster international cooperation on radiation protection. The ESR is therefore proud that EuroSafe Imaging has helped to inspire African radiologists to launch AFROSAFE at the Pan African Congress on Radiology (PACORI), held in Nairobi/Kenia in February 2015.

From left to right: EuroSafe Imaging SC Chair Guy Frija, AFROSAFE Co-Chair Michael Kawooya, ESR President Luis Donoso.

ESR publishes paper on renewal of imaging equipment

Posted October 2, 2014

The European Society of Radiology’s Working Group on Economics haspublished a statement on the renewal of radiological equipment in Insights into Imaging, the ESR’s open access journal.

As a result of rapid technological development, the life cycle span of imaging equipment is becoming shorter, with replacement becoming essential after 10 years. To manage maintenance and replacement of radiological equipment in an efficient manner, the ESR calls on healthcare institutions and authorities to have 5-year plans in place that should be updated annually.

Promoting the use of up-to-date equipment is an important aspect of the ESR’s radiation protection efforts and part of the EuroSafe Imaging Call for Action. The full ESR statement on the renewal of radiological equipment is available here.

Video: Introduction to EuroSafe Imaging

Posted September 16, 2014

To capture the reasons for launching EuroSafe Imaging and its expected impact, the ESR has produced a video about EuroSafe Imaging that highlights the comprehensive approach of the campaign, with interviewees representing radiology, radiography, medical physics and international organisations.

Check out this video to find out why it is important to communicate the various components of radiation protection to a wider audience, how EuroSafe Imaging can contribute to creating a new patient safety paradigm, and why this is just the right time for this initiative!

ESR issues EuroSafe Imaging Call for Action

Posted September 1, 2014

The European Society of Radiology and the EuroSafe Imaging Steering Committee are pleased to announce the publication of the EuroSafe Imaging Call for Action, a 12-point action plan to implement EuroSafe Imaging’s holistic, inclusive approach to supporting and strengthening medical radiation protection across Europe.

Structured to achieve progress in the priority areas identified in the IAEA and WHO’s Bonn Call for Action, EuroSafe Imaging’s strategy and action plan will deliver effective solutions for improving radiological practice and contribute to fostering a safety and quality culture in medical imaging by raising awareness for radiation protection.

Read the ESR’s press release, and click here to learn more about the EuroSafe Imaging Call for Action. Don’t forget to show your support for our action plan by becoming a Friend of EuroSafe Imaging!