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EuroSafe Imaging aims at improving quality and safety in medical imaging. Part of its mission is to improve information for professionals and patients. For this purpose, three working groups, each composed of a radiologist, a medical physicist and a radiographer, have been established for the areas of CT, interventional radiology and paediatric imaging. These working groups deal with requests received via the Ask EuroSafe Imaging enquiry form and produce an online FAQ document and Tips & Tricks based on these questions.

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Ask EuroSafe Imaging is coordinated by Graciano Paulo (ESTeSC-Coimbra Health School, PT) and supported by the following professionals:

  • CT: Alban Gervaise (Medical Imaging Department, HIA Bégin, Saint-Mandé, FR), Mika Kortesniemi (HUS Medical Imaging Center, University of Helsinki, FI), Dean Pekarovic (Institute of Radiology, University Medical Center, SI)
  • Interventional radiology: Werner Jaschke (Medical University Innsbruck, AT), Marion Maher (University College Dublin, IE), Annalisa Trianni (Udine University Hospital, IT)
  • Paediatric imaging: Claudio Granata (IRCCS Istituto Giannina Gaslini, IT), Elina Samara (Valais Hospital, CH), Joana Santos (ESTeSC-Coimbra Health School, PT)



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