EuroSafe Imaging Working Groups 2019-2020

1. Strategies for Image Quality of the Future
The aim of this Working Group is to define what “appropriate image quality” is through a panel of experts, working on a per-organ basis for the clinically most relevant CT imaging tasks. This group also aims to raise awareness of the concept of ‘appropriate image quality’; suggesting strategies for the (clinical) implementation of indication-specific image quality appropriateness criteria and approaches for the development and application of future avenues of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Lead Christoph Hoeschen
Radiation Protection Subcommittee Franz Kainberger
Member Wolfram Stiller
Member Katia Katsari
Member David Koff
Member Carlo Catalano
Member Reinhard Loose
Member Patrick Rogalla
CIRSE representative Dimitrios Tsetis
ESPR representative Claudio Granata
ESGAR representative Sebastian Schindera
ESSR representative John Damilakis
ESTI representative Denis Tack
EFRS representative Peter Hogg

2. Dosimetry for Imaging in Clinical Practice
The Dosimetry Working Group aims to support the fulfilment of the dosimetry aspects that are required by the Basic Safety Standards Directive. This will be achieved through the production of papers and additional guidance.

Lead Eliseo Vano
Member Guy Frija
Member Wolfram Stiller
Member Reinhard Loose
Member Claudio Granata
Member Graciano Paulo
Member Luis Donoso
COCIR Nicole Denjoy
EFRS representative Dean Pekarovic
EFOMP representative Johan Sjöberg
CIRSE representative Efstathios P. Efstathopoulos

3. Dose Management
The Dose Management Working Group aims to develop realistic approaches to support the fulfilment of dose management requirements through the production of papers and guidance.

Lead Reinhard Loose
Member Davide Caramella
Member Graciano Paulo
Member Johan Sjöberg
Member Alberto Torresin
Member Sebastian Schindera
Member Eliseo Vano
Member Peter Mildenberger

4. Ask EuroSafe Imaging

The ask EuroSafe Imaging Working Group produces regular publications on various radiation protection topics, for both professionals and patients (click here for details).

Lead Graciano Paulo
Member CT Gerlig Widmann
Member CT Bo Mussmann
Member CT Daniela Origgi
Member IR Gabriel Bartal
Member IR Barry Hallinan
Member IR Roberto Mariano Sanchez
Member paediatrics Claudio Granata
Member paediatrics Berit Møller Christensen
Member paediatrics Alexander Schegerer

5. Paediatric Imaging

The Paediatric Imaging Working Group aims to promote and improve radiation protection in paediatric imaging.

Lead Claudio Granata
Member John Damilakis
Member Timo De Bondt
Member Shane Foley
Member Guy Frija
Member Catherine Owens

6. Training Activities

The Training Activities Working Group produces and organises regular webinars on various Radiation Protection topics.

Lead John Damilakis
Member Guy Frija
Member Franz Kainberger
Member Graciano Paulo

7. ESR iGuide Implementation and Promotion

The ESR iGuide Working Group aims to support the promotion and implementation of ESR iGuide.

Lead Luis Donoso
Member (Chair EuroSafe Imaging)
Guy Frija
Member (Member ESR BoD)
Boris Brkljacic
Member Paul Parizel
Member Katrine Riklund
Member Boudjema Mansouri
Member Michael Kawooya
Member Dina Husseiny
Member Mansoor Fatehi
Ex-officio member (Chair ESR national societies committee)
Andrea Rockall