WP 5

Work Package 5 will consist of co-ordinated national or regional pilot audits taking into account the results of Work Package 2 and using the resources, and following the methodology developed respectively under Work Package 3 and Work Package 4.

Lead: J. Sosna
Co-Lead: B. Brkljačić
Contributors: A. Brady, S. Foley, A. Karoussou-Schreiner, R. Bly, S. Ebdon-Jackson, F. Demuth, S. Bhumbra, D. Pfeffermann, Project Office, Steering Group, Advisory Group

Task 5.1. Select the EU Member States or regions for the pilot audit
Task 5.2. Identification of imaging centers to be audited, inform centers of the project and encourage them to participate
Task 5.3. Carry out the national/regional audits
Task 5.4. Analyse audit results and prepare preliminary and final evaluation report and feedback on possible changes to the main phase