WP 1

Work Package 1 – Development of the methodology and the European Guidelines

WP1 was responsible for assessing and agreeing on a methodology for establishing and using DRLs for paediatric imaging, and for producing European guidelines, including data provided by WP 2. WP1 was chaired by STUK.

WP Leader: Chair STUK (Hannu Järvinen); Co-Chair EFOMP (Hilde Bosmans)

Partners involved:
ESR: John Damilakis, Peter Vock
ESPR: Catherine Owens, Erich Sorantin
EFRS: Graciano Paulo, Dean Pekarovic
EFOMP: Hilde Bosmans, Virginia Tsapaki, Stephen Evans
STUK: Raija Seuri, Mika Kortesniemi
LIST: Andreas Jahnen


  • Task 1: To define the concepts and methodology for establishing paediatric DRLs
  • Task 2: To assess the most important paediatric examinations where DRLs should be set
  • Task 3: To prepare reviews and recommendations on the use of the paediatric DRLs
  • Task 4: To draft the European Guidelines on paediatric DRLs


Download the final draft of the European Guidelines on DRLs for Paediatric Imaging here. The official publication will soon also be available in the European Commission’s Radiation Protection Series.