Radiation Protection in CT


EuroSafe Imaging’s mission is to support and strengthen medical radiation protection across Europe following a holistic, inclusive approach. Find out more information on what EuroSafe Imaging is doing to help improve radiation protection in CT below.


What Patients Should Know publications

One of EuroSafe Imaging’s aims is to improve information for patients and parents/carers. To support this aim, the Ask EuroSafe Imaging working group regularly produces publications called ‘What Patients Should Know’. Several of these editions focus on interventional radiology, which are all available here.


CT Tips & Tricks

Ask EuroSafe Imaging also has a CT sub-group that regularly publishes short online educational material for professionals called ‘Tips and Tricks’. These publications are all available for free here.


CME accredited courses

EuroSafe Imaging’s Tips & Tricks can also be accessed on the ESRs Education on Demand Platform as CME-accredited courses. There are a total of 7 CT CME-accredited Tips & Tricks courses.

The Education on Demand platform also has a range of radiation protection courses, including a course on CT radiation dose optimisation.



EuroSafe Imaging organises an annual poster exhibition to give stakeholders the opportunity to showcase their efforts to improve quality and safety in medical imaging and demonstrate their support for EuroSafe Imaging. Many of these posters have been published on radiation protection in CT, all of which can be found here. 


Additional resources