WP 3

WP 3: Conducting a European DRL survey for plain radiology, CT and IR following a predefined methodology

WP 3 will develop and implement an EU-wide study (survey) to collect data from around 13 hospitals across Europe following a methodology predefined by the project team in accordance with the most up-to-date international recommendations. The survey will be based on a common basic methodology with the addition of unique features for each of the 3 areas (computed tomography, plain radiography, and interventional radiology). Data will be collected for the procedures identified by WP 2. The collected data will be used to establish up-to-date clinical DRLs for adult patients for CT, plain radiography and interventional radiology.

WP Leader: J. Damilakis
Co-Leader: G. Frija
Contributors: W. Jaschke, J. Repussard, A. Schegerer, Scientific Board, ESR Project Office, hospitals


  • Task 1: Survey methodology and design
  • Task 2: Data collection
  • Task 3: Data verification supported by the Scientific Board