WP 4

WP 4: Specifying/determining up-to-date clinical DRLs for the protocols/imaging tasks identified under WP 2 & stakeholder consultation/validation of the DRLs

WP 4 is responsible for determining up-to-date clinical DRLs for, from a radiation protection perspective, relevant x-ray imaging tasks in Europe. The up-to-date clinical DRLs will be specifically set for all clinical indications identified under WP 2. Methods of data processing will be discussed by WP 4 and the methodology for data analysis and DRLs determination will be defined taking into account studies, international standards and publications. The distribution of data collected will be evaluated and differences between mean and median values of data sets received from participating hospitals will be estimated. 25th , 50th and 75th percentiles for dose quantities and dose indices will be calculated for each of the clinical indications and procedures.

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WP Leader: V. Tsapaki
Co-Leader: G. Paulo
Contributors: J. Damilakis, G. Frija, W. Jaschke, A. Schegerer, J. Repussard, ESR Project Office


  • Task 1: Definition of data analysis methodology, data collation and analysis.
  • Task 2: Drafting of a report on data analysis results including tables with up-to-date clinical  DRLs for the clinical indications included in this project.
  • Task 3: Updating the report with the final set of up-to-date clinical DRLs for Europe based on the workshop discussions and conclusions.