WP 1

Work Package 1 – Development of the methodology and the European Guidelines

WP1 was responsible for assessing and agreeing on a methodology for establishing and using DRLs for paediatric imaging, and for producing European guidelines, including data provided by WP 2. WP1 was chaired by STUK.

WP Leader: Chair STUK (Hannu Järvinen); Co-Chair EFOMP (Hilde Bosmans)

Partners involved:
ESR: John Damilakis, Peter Vock
ESPR: Catherine Owens, Erich Sorantin
EFRS: Graciano Paulo, Dean Pekarovic
EFOMP: Hilde Bosmans, Virginia Tsapaki, Stephen Evans
STUK: Raija Seuri, Mika Kortesniemi
LIST: Andreas Jahnen


  • Task 1: To define the concepts and methodology for establishing paediatric DRLs
  • Task 2: To assess the most important paediatric examinations where DRLs should be set
  • Task 3: To prepare reviews and recommendations on the use of the paediatric DRLs
  • Task 4: To draft the European Guidelines on paediatric DRLs


Download the European Guidelines on DRLs for Paediatric Imaging published in the European Commission’s Radiation Protection Series here.