Please find below a list of articles on radiation protection topics or related to EuroSafe Imaging. Click on the links in the menu above to read articles published in ECR Today, ESR Newsletters or Insights into Imaging.


Article in HealthManagement, September 2018 – Clinical diagnostic reference levels in medical imaging

Article in HealthManagement, August 2018 – EuroSafe Imaging: be a Star for your patients

Article in HealthManagement, May 2018 – Clinical audit: the pilot EuroSafe Imaging Star project

CONCERT – AIR², January 2018 – Special issue MEDIRAD, October 2017 – CT radiation dose tracking reveals global disparities

Article in RSNA Radiology, July 2017 – Pediatric Chest CT Diagnostic Reference Ranges: Development and Application (login required)

Article in RSNA Radiology, July 2017 – U.S. Diagnostic Reference Levels and Achievable Doses for 10 Adult CT Examinations, June 2017 – U.K. releases DRLs for hybrid imaging

Article in HealthManagement, May 2017 – Have-A-Heart Campaign Aims to Improve Paediatric Cardiac Imaging

DI Europe, March 2017 – The evolving medical radiation protection environment in the European Union: new initiatives and regulatory requirements, February 2017 – Official launch of ArabSafe goes ahead, December 2016 – Study: Reduce CT kV levels to lower breast dose in patients, November 2016 – Cardiologists put renewed focus on dose awareness, September 2016 – BIR launches guidance on radiation safety, June 2016 – Pressure grows for diagnostic reference levels in Russia

Article in American Journal of Roentgenology, May 2016 – Call for Implementing a Radiation Protection Culture in Fluoroscopically Guided Interventional Procedures (login required), April 2016 – Dose-tracking software drives CT dose optimisation, March 2016 – Top teaching tips on radiation protection

Article in Annals of Internal Medicine, January 2016 – Radiation-Induced Breast Cancer Incidence and Mortality From Digital Mammography Screening: A Modelling Study, December 2015 – Italian study shows need for urgent action on dose

Article in RSNA Radiology, November 2015 – Determining Organ Doses from CT with Direct Measurements in Postmortem Subjects: Part 1 – Methodology and Validation (login required)

Article in RSNA Radiology, October 2015 – Radiation Doses in Consecutive CT Examinations from Five University of California Medical Centers (login required), September 2015 – Decision model cuts unnecessary wrist x-rays by 22%, August 2015 – Spain: Study highlights rise in paediatric CT scan rate, August 2015 – Kalender: Tell your patients about CT’s benefits, not risks

The Royal College of Radiologists, the Society and College of Radiographers and the British Institute of Radiology, 2015 – A guide to understanding the implications of the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations in diagnostic and interventional radiology

Article in European Radiology, May 2015 – ESR/ERS white paper on lung cancer screening (open access)

Article in RSNA Radiology, May 2015 – Patient Perspectives and Preferences for Communication of Medical Imaging Risks in a Cancer Care Setting (login required)

Article in RSNA Radiology, May 2015 – Informed Consent for Radiation Risk from CT is Unjustified Based on the Current Scientific Evidence (login required), March 2015 – 4 out of 5 hospitals report paediatric head CT dosage in line with recommendations

Article in HealthManagement, March 2015 – Putting Quality and Safety for Patients First: ESR EuroSafe Imaging, March 2015 – Clinical Decision Support Tool Addresses Medical Imaging Appropriateness, March 2015 – Decision support in Europe moves ahead with ESR iGuide launch, March 2015 – COCIR participates in EuroSafe Imaging Call for Action and Raises Alarming Trend of Ageing Imaging Equipment

Article in British Journal of Cancer, January 2015 – Are the studies on cancer risk from CT scans biased by indication?

Article in American Journal of Roentgenology, January 2015 – Imbalance of Opinions Expressed on Twitter Relating to CT Radiation Risk: An Opportunity for Increased Radiologist Representation (login required)

European Commission ‚RP 180 Medical Radiation Exposure of the European Population‘, December 2014 – part 1 / part 2

Interview with Dr. Jane Adam in El País, December 2014 – Hay riesgo de que se estén haciendo demasiadas pruebas, November 2014 – NDSC, ESR partner to deliver ESR iGuide across Europe

Article from IOP Medical Physics Web, November 2014 – Linear CT scanning lowers system costs

ESR Press Release, October 2014 – Europe’s radiologists put patient safety first and launch Call for Action on radiation protection

Article in HealthManagement, October 2014 – Radiation Dose: Communicating with Patients

Article from IRSN (France), October 2014 – Exposition de la population française aux rayonnements ionisants liée aux actes de diagnostic médical en 2012

Article in European Radiology, September 2014 – The impact of CT radiation dose reduction and iterative reconstruction algorithms from four different vendors on coronary calcium scoring (login required)

Article in RSNA Radiology, September 2014 – Detection of Urolithiasis: Comparison of 100% Tube Exposure Images Reconstructed with Filtered Back Projection and 50% Tube Exposure Images Reconstructed with Sinogram-affirmed Iterative Reconstruction (login required)

Article in Circulation, June 2014 – Cumulative Radiation Exposure and Cancer Risk Estimation in Children with Heart Disease

Article in Cardiovascular Business, June 2014 – Patient radiation dose drops 61% with imaging changes, May 2014 – Residents lack knowledge of radiation safety

Article in RSNA Radiology, October 2013 – System for Verifiable CT Radiation Dose Optimization Based on Image Quality: Part I. Optimization Model, Part II. Process Control System (login required)