Clinical audit

The ESR Clinical Audit Tool

The ESR Clinical Audit Tool is designed to facilitate the development of local clinical audit across the spectrum of the services provided by clinical radiology. It provides an outline of the principles of clinical audit combined with a library of templates for audit in a variety of situations, as well as a compendium of useful resources.

The ESR Clinical Audit Tool is a set of suggested audit topics (in total 17) with an accompanying template to easily perform audit. It is an excellent basis for commencing the practice of clinical audit in imaging departments, and for developing audit in those departments already active in this area’.

The ESR Clinical Audit Tool has been published under the name of ‚Esperanto booklet‘.

Further details on the tool and the booklet are available here.


European Commission tender project QuADRANT

An ESR-led consortium, with EANM and ESTRO as partners, was awarded the European Commission tender QuADRANT. This is a proposed 30-month European Commission tender project which started in January 2020 and aims to promote constant improvement in quality and safety of radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine, through the implementation of clinical audit, as a part of EU Member States’ healthcare systems.

There are several key objectives of this project:
a) review the status of implementation of clinical audits in the Member States;
b) identify good practices in Member States and available guidance and resources for clinical audits, at national, European and international level;
c) provide further guidance and recommendations on improving the implementation and integration of clinical audits into national healthcare systems;
d) identify potential for further coordinated EU action on quality and safety of radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine.

The QuADRANT project builds on the work of the ESR Audit and Standards Subcommittee and its products, such as Esperanto, the ESRs guide to clinical audit in radiology.

More information is available here.