WP 2

Work Package 2 – Update and expansion of European DRLs in paediatric imaging

WP2 was responsible for updating and extending the existing European DRLs to cover more procedures and a wider patient age/weight-range. WP2 was led by the ESR.

WP leader: Chair ESR (John Damilakis); Co-Chair EFRS (Graciano Paulo)

Partners involved:
ESR: Peter Vock, Reinhard Loose, John Damilakis
ESPR: Claudio Granata, Hubert Ducou Le Pointe
EFRS: Graciano Paulo, Shane Foley
EFOMP: Hilde Bosmans, Stephen Evans
STUK: Hannu Järvinen, Raija Seuri


In RP 109, DRLs for a very limited number of radiological examinations are provided, but only for five-year-old children. With this as its context, the tasks of this WP were:

  • Task 1: Literature review of DRLs
  • Task 2: To identify situations where data is missing, but there is a possibility to utilise the network of this consortium to collect data from their respective hospitals to fill the urgent gap
  • Task 3: To analyse data and propose European DRLs. It is our understanding of the specifications of the invitation to tender that the DRLs are to be established based on current literature rather than surveys of doses.
  • Task 4: DRLs in fluoroscopy-guided procedures in children (review of the current situation of dose and DRLs for fluoroscopy guided procedures in children, in particular for cardiac procedures, and recommendation of actions necessary to obtain DRLs)


Download the European Guidelines on DRLs for Paediatric Imaging published in the European Commission’s Radiation Protection Series here.