The main objective of the EMAN Tender Project was to establish a sustainable network where different stakeholders within the medical sector had the opportunity to discuss and to exchange information relating to the implementation of the ALARA principle in the medical field.

Three specific topics were selected as the focus areas for the project:

  • Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Interventional Radiology and
  • Activities using X-ray equipment outside the X-ray departments (‘Outside X-rays’)

The network also supported the European Commission (EC) in its activities relating to the optimisation of radiation protection of individuals submitted to medical exposures.

In addition EMAN also aimed to:

  • Disseminate up-to-date information about literature, studies, research and good practices relating to the ALARA principle in the medical sector,
  • Identify and communicate to the EC needs for development and update of European Union (EU) guidance,
    In particular cover the areas of education and training as well as continuous quality improvement as requested in the Directive 97/43 EURATOM,
  • Formulate proposals to the EC on harmonisation issues,
  • Propose to the EC solutions of identified issues at the European level,
  • Establish co-operation with appropriate international organizations and associations.

To fulfil these objectives EMAN particularly relied on:

  • Three working groups, where the three selected topics listed above, were extensively discussed by professionals in the specific medical fields,
  • A website to disseminate the information gathered, and the work carried out, by the working groups and to facilitate the exchange of information between the network members,
  • A final workshop as a platform to present and discuss the work performed by the network and by the three working groups and to propose recommendations to the EC for improving the optimisation of radiation protection in the medical sector.