The results of the EUCLID project have been published by the European Commission:

Radiation Protection series No. 195: European study on clinical diagnostic reference levels for X-ray medical imaging


Additionally, based on the work of the EUCLID project, the following articles have been published to date:

Paulo, G., Damilakis, J., Tsapaki, V. et al. Diagnostic Reference Levels based on clinical indications in computed tomography: a literature review. Insights Imaging 11, 96 (2020).

Tsapaki, V., Damilakis, J., Paulo, G. et al. CT diagnostic reference levels based on clinical indications: results of a large-scale European survey. European Radiology (2021).

Schegerer, A. A., Frija, G., Paulo, et al. Radiation dose and diagnostic reference levels for four interventional radiology procedures: results of the prospective European multicenter survey EUCLID. European Radiology (2021).