The EUCLID project is led by the European Society of Radiology (ESR). The following ESR experts are involved in the project and constitute the EUCLID Executive Board (EB):

  • Prof. John Damilakis, project manager
  • Prof. Guy Frija, project co-manager
  • Prof. Werner Jaschke
  • Prof. Graciano Paulo
  • Dr. Jacques Repussard
  • Dr. Alexander Schegerer
  • Dr. Virginia Tsapaki
  • ESR Project Office: Monika Hierath, Ulrike Mayerhofer-Sebera


An External Advisory Panel (EAP) consisting of relevant international and European organisations has been set up and will provide guidance and feedback on the overall work plan and results.

In addition, a Scientific Board (SB) with representatives from national regulatory and health authorities and national professional societies (scientific and clinical) from those countries for which hospitals have been recruited, has been set up. The SB will contribute to the verification of data collected during the project for the establishment of DRLs and facilitate access to existing national clinical DRL data.

Selected hospitals from European countries will participate as subcontractors in the project. They will contribute to the European DRL survey for x-ray imaging of adults carried out by WP 3.

The below figure shows the organisational chart of the EUCLID project.