WP 2

WP 2: Organisation of a workshop on clinical audit of radiology, radiotherapy, and nuclear medicine practice.

WP 2 was responsible for organising a workshop with the goal of discussing the state of play of clinical audit in the EU with representatives of Member States and raising awareness about the legal requirements and the benefits of clinical audit in diagnostic and interventional radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy.

The report to the European Commission on the workshop can be viewed here: QuADRANT Workshop Report.

The workshop was run as a series of webinars from 14-16 December 2020. Invitations to the workshop were made based on the results of the WP 3 pre-survey. The workshop programme can be viewed here: QuADRANT Workshop programme.

The slides from presentations given during the webinars can be viewed via the following links:

QuADRANT First Workshop Day 1 Slides

QuADRANT First Workshop Day 2 Slides

QuADRANT First Workshop Day 3 Slides

During the webinars, a call was put out to other countries or organizations that wished to share their experience of clinical audit. The following posters were received in response to this call:

The International Atomic Energy Agency’s Role in Quality Assurance Processes

Clinical Audit in France

Analysis of Conditions for Mamographic Screening Implementation in the Slovak Republic for Early Breast Cancer Detection

WP Leader: M. Brada
Co-Leaders: A. Brady & W. Wadsak

WP 2 was in charge of the following tasks:

Task 2.1         Establishing the programme structure, and defining invited presentations and speakers, and panel discussions. The Project Office is in charge of promotion and dissemination activities for the workshop.

Task 2.2         Organisational arrangements – due to COVID-19 restrictions the workshop was held as a series of webinars, rather than the face-to-face meeting originally envisaged.

Task 2.3         Preparation of proceedings of the workshop including the number and type of sessions, lecturers, duration, number of participants, general structure, and the main workshop conclusions and recommendations for further action.