WP 5

WP 5: Organisation of a European workshop to disseminate and discuss the results of the project

WP 5 convened a 2-day workshop in Luxembourg on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th of December 2019 to discuss the project’s results, differing perspectives on DRLs, and how DRLs will affect clinical practice. The workshop included presentations from international experts on designing surveys with the goal of establishing DRLs; implementing DRLs; optimising patient radiation protection through DRLs; and, regional perspectives.

Due to restrictions on availability, attendance at the workshop was permitted on an invitation-only basis.

The workshop report can be found here.

WP Leader: J. Damilakis
Co-Leader: G. Frija
Contributors: ESR Project Office, V. Tsapaki, G. Paulo, W. Jaschke, A. Schegerer, J. Repussard


  • Task 1: Establishment of a scientific committee for the workshop to set up the programme structure and to define presentations and speakers.
  • Task 2: Organisational arrangements, including meeting room, catering, etc.
  • Task 3: Preparation of proceedings of the workshop.