WP 2

WP 2: Identification of procedures and clinical indications & review of existing clinical DRLs

WP 2 will identify clinical indications and procedures with the greatest need for DRLs for each imaging modality (CT, interventional radiology and radiography). In particular, procedures with the highest contribution to the collective radiation dose of the European population as well as procedures involving high individual patient exposure will be included. In addition, the existing DRLs will be reviewed.

WP Leader: G. Frija
Co-Leader: J. Damilakis
Contributors: W. Jaschke, G. Paulo, ESR Project Office


  • Task 1: Identification of existing clinical DRLs.

The related report (status: March 2018) is available for download here.

  • Task 2: Establishment of the list of clinical indications and procedures for which DRLs will be established.

The final list of clinical indications for CT and interventional radiology for which DRLs will be established is available here.