WP 6

Based on the implementation of Work Packages 2-5, Work Package 6 will develop guidance providing concrete advice, examples of good practices and guidelines on how to implement the process of justification in a hospital or private practice.

The guidance document will be informed by information provided from inspections undertaken by regulatory bodies (on a national and international basis through HERCA), audits undertaken by approved bodies and professional societies and experience of practicing radiologist and radiographer WP members involved with the project, as well as other members of ESR. This will include reference to patient pathways, checklists used by regulators and auditors to clarify actions and responsibilities and examples of internal hospital processes.

Findings and conclusions from the literature review, survey and the pilot audits, alongside input from key stakeholders, will provide essential input to the guidance document. Elements that will be part of the guidance document include: requirements of the BSSD for justification, definition of the justification principle, description of the justification process, description of the stakeholders involved and description of their responsibilities, examples of justification written procedures etc.

The Draft Guidance Document was discussed at the EU-JUST-CT Workshop on 28-29 September.

Lead: B. Brkljačić
Co-Lead: S. Ebdon-Jackson
Contributors: A. Brady, J. Sosna, S. Foley, A. Karoussou-Schreiner, R. Bly, Project Office, Steering Group, Advisory Group

Task 6.1. Develop proposal for format and table of contents of the guidance document in consultation with the Steering Group

Task 6.2. This task includes the writing of the guidance document and related consultation with the Steering Group and other relevant stakeholders