WP 3

This Work Package aims to provide conclusions and recommendations on the EU workforce availability, education and training needs for the quality and safety of medical applications involving ionising radiation, for Medical Doctors, Radiographers, Radiation Therapists, Medical Physicists and other health professionals using ionising radiation, process, based on the work of WP1 and WP2, a literature review and stakeholder consultation.

Lead: A. Brady
Co-lead: D. Visvikis
Contributors: Y. Anacak, B. Brkljačić, F. Jamar, N. Jornet, P. Lara, M. Leech, J. McNulty, G. Paulo, C. Pesznyak, F. Zarb, Project Office

Task 3.1. Benchmarking of workforce availability and training
Task 3.2. Project conclusions and recommendations (incl. data transfer)
Task 3.3. Stakeholder consultation – Step 3: project’s conclusions and recommendations