MEDRAPET – Medical Radiation Protection Education and Training
A study on the implementation of the Medical Exposure Directive’s requirements within the European Union


The EC-funded tender project MEDRAPET was conducted between December 2010 and March 2013. The overall aim of this project was to improve implementation of the Medical Exposure Directive provisions related to radiation protection education and training of medical professionals in the EU Member States.

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As part of the MEDRAPET project, an EU-wide study was conducted in order to establish the status, legal issues and practical arrangements in the European member states regarding radiation protection education and training of medical professionals. The results of this study were discussed during a workshop held in Athens, Greece from 21 to 23 of April, 2012. The conclusions of the workshop led to the elaboration of a European guidance document on radiation protection education and training of medical professionals. It provides learning objectives compatible with the European Qualifications Framework and provides adequate coverage of requirements and guidance for new specialists using ionising radiation, in particular those outside imaging departments. Detailed knowledge-skill-competence inventories were produced for all health care professions. Additionally, a permanent multidisciplinary working party will draft and maintain standard European sets of competences at various levels for minimum radiation protection training and continuous professional development required for all different groups of medical staff working with ionising radiation. The Guidance Document was published in the radiation protection series of the European Commission (No 175).

MEDRAPET was coordinated by the European Society of Radiology (ESR):

ESR Office Am Gestade 1 | AT – 1010 Vienna
Phone: +43 (1) 533 40 64 -20 |

Scientific Coordinator: Prof. John Damilakis

Project Manager: Monika Hierath, Head of ESR Department of European and International Affairs, monika [.] hierath [@] myesr [.] org