WP 2

This Work Package will draft guidelines for staffing and education/training, based on the information collected by WP1. The draft guidelines will undergo peer review and stakeholder consultation.

Lead: M. Coffey
Co-lead: B. Brkljačić
Contributors: Y. Anacak, C. Garibaldi, F. Jamar, C. Loewe, J. McNulty, G. Paulo, I. Polycarpou, R. Sanchez, F. Zarb, Project Office

Task 2.1. Identification and collection of existing guidelines
Task 2.2. Analysis of the collected guidelines
Task 2.3 Stakeholder consultation Step 1: key professional groups and main elements of guidelines
Task 2.4. Development of guidelines on staffing needs in medical radiation applications, education and training of this staff
Task 2.5. External peer review of existing and proposed guidelines
Task 2.6 Stakeholder consultation Step 2: staffing and education/training guidelines