ESR Newsletters

EuroSafe Imaging regularly publishes articles in the ESR Newsletters: ESR News and ESR@Work. The relevant articles are listed below.


ESR News, January 2020 – EuroSafe Imaging’s programme for ECR 2020

ESR News, December 2019 – EuroSafe Imaging at ECR 2020

ESR News, November 2019 – New EuroSafe Imaging Tips & Tricks online

ESR News, October 2019 – EuroSafe Imaging social media accounts launched

ESR News, September 2019 – New EuroSafe Imaging Tips & Trick online

ESR News, August 2019 – EuroSafe Imaging abstract submissions for ECR 2020

ESR@Work, July 2019 – EuroSafe Imaging poster exhibition abstract submissions

ESR News, July 2019 – EuroSafe Imaging poster exhibition abstract submissions

ESR News, June 2019 – Esperanto 2019 – The clinical audit guide for radiology departments

ESR News, May 2019 – Celebration video: EuroSafe Imaging 5-year anniversary at ECR 2019

ESR@Work, March 2019 – 5-year anniversary of EuroSafe Imaging at ECR 2019

ESR News, March 2019 – 5-year anniversary of EuroSafe Imaging at ECR 2019

ESR News, February 2019 – a look ahead to the 5-year Anniversary of EuroSafe Imaging at ECR 2019

ESR@Work, January 2019 – EuroSafe Imaging at ECR 2019

ESR@Work, September 2018 – European Commission publishes new European Guidelines on Diagnostic Reference Levels for Paediatric Imaging developed by the ESR-coordinated project PiDRL

ESR@Work, March 2018 – EuroSafe Imaging featured prominently on ECR 2018 agenda

ESR News, March 2018 – EuroSafe Imaging posters

ESR@Work, January 2018 – ESR strongly represented at the IAEA International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine

ESR News, January 2018 – EuroSafe Imaging at ECR 2018

ESR News, October 2017 – Radiation Protection – Basic Safety Standards

ESR@Work, July 2017 – MEDIRAD Work Package 2: Dose evaluation and optimisation in medical imaging

ESR@Work, May 2017 – EuroSafe Imaging calling for the use of new concepts and technologies to promote radiation protection in Africa

ESR News, March 2017 – ECR 2017 showcased EuroSafe Imaging’s achievements and way forward

ESR News, November 2016 – EuroSafe Imaging at ECR 2017

ESR@Work, September 2016 – EuroSafe Imaging on Tour

ESR News, August – EuroSafe Imaging at the CIRSE 2016 Radiation Protection Pavilion

ESR Edición Especial, July 2016 – EuroSafe Imaging celebra Latin Safe

ESR@Work, July 2016 – EuroSafe Imaging Subgroups 2016-17

ESR News, July 2016 – A clinical approach to radiation protection

ESR@Work, May 2016 – EuroSafe Imaging Stars

ESR News, May 2016 – Establishing European Diagnostic Reference Levels for paediatric imaging: an update on the PiDRL project

ESR News, April 2016 – Radiation incidents and accidents in radiology departments

ESR@Work, March 2016 – EuroSafe Imaging sessions at the European Congress of Radiology 2016

ESR@Work, March 2016 – Patient groups welcome ESR approach in special session at ECR 2016

ESR News, March 2016 – Radiation Protection Sessions at the European Congress of Radiology

ESR News, February 2016 – ESR iGuide Update

ESR News, February 2016 – Education and training in radiation protection for healthcare personnel involved in multi-modality procedures

ESR News, January 2016 – Awareness of radiation dose and risk among health professionals

ESR@Work, January, 2016 – EuroSafe Imaging at ECR 2016

ESR News, December 2015 – The European workshop on DRLs in paediatric imaging

ESR News, November 2015 – How to estimate embryo/foetal dose from diagnostic and interventional x-ray procedures

ESR@Work, November 2015 – EuroSafe Imaging Update

ESR News, October 2015 – Estimation and communication of radiation-induced cancer risks from x-ray examinations

ESR News, September 2015 – The role of the Medical Physics Expert in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

ESR@Work, September 2015 – EuroSafe Imaging Update

ESR News, August 2015 – Justification of exposure and referral guidelines for imaging

ESR News, July 2015 – The use of shielding for patient dose reduction in CT

ESR@Work, July 2015 – Update on EuroSafe Imaging activities

ESR News, June 2015 – Radiation doses and risks associated with lung cancer CT screening and colorectal cancer CT screening

ESR News, May 2015 – Dual Energy CT: Technology and Dose Considerations

ESR@Work, May 2015 – EuroSafe Imaging roadmap 2015-16

ESR News, April 2015 – Occupational doses from diagnostic and interventional radiology

ESR News, April 2015 – ESR iGuide Update

ESR News & ESR@Work, March 2015 – EuroSafe Imaging celebrates milestones of its first year at ECR 2015

ESR News, March 2015 – Radiation exposure of pregnant workers during diagnostic and interventional procedures

ESR News, February 2015 – How to estimate patient doses from CT

ESR News, January 2015 – The PiDRL workshop in Lisbon

ESR@Work, January 2015 – EuroSafe Imaging at ECR 2015

ESR News, December 2014 – Mammographic screening and radiation risk

ESR News, November 2014 – The radiation protection orientation session in Bologna

ESR News, October 2014 – The importance of quality assurance and dosimetry in Radiology

ESR News, September 2014 – Patient doses from X-ray-based imaging techniques used in osteoporosis

ESR News, August 2014 – Radiation Risks and Paediatric Computed Tomography

ESR News, July 2014 – Diagnostic Reference Levels: An optimisation tool for managing patient radiation doses

ESR News, June 2014 – Are diagnostic x-rays safe for pregnant patients?

ESR News, May 2014 – Education and training in medical radiation protection

ESR@Work, March 2014 – ESR EuroSafe Imaging Campaign launched at ECR 2014

ESR News, February 2014 – Never came across radiation induced skin injuries – Why? 

ESR@Work, January 2014 – European DRL project in Paediatric Radiology

ESR News, January 2014 – Why is CT Radiation Risk always in the News?

ESR News, December 2013 – Radiation protection orientation session

ESR@Work, November 2013 – Radiation cataract and protection

ESR@Work, September 2013 – Are children more sensitive to radiation than adults?