Sustainable European Medical ALARA Network

After the successful conclusion of the EC-funded Tender Project, the three professional organisations involved – the ESR, EFRS and EFOMP – decided to ensure sustainability of the Network and signed a Letter of Intent in September 2012, forming the new EMAN Steering Committee. The EMAN Network structure also included a management office (ESR), stakeholders (CEPN), and observers (EURADOS, BfS, SSM and the European Commission).

This paved the way for the post-project activities of the Network and further outreach to other relevant stakeholders. The long-term vision of the EMAN Network was to contribute to optimising radiation protection for healthcare workers and patients throughout Europe, and to further contribute to an effective safety culture in the medical sector. The EMAN Network aimed at establishing one legal entity for all aspects of medical radiation protection – Single Point of Contact (SPOC).


The Steering Committee hoped to enlarge the Network and reached out to a number of other organisations inviting them to join the Network.

However, in the meantime, highly fruitful and promising initiatives and activities were started, following a multi‐stakeholder approach, above all EuroSafe Imaging, as well as the collaboration of the medical associations with MELODI and the joint effort to develop a strategic research agenda for medical radiation protection with dedicated chapters on optimisation and education and training. Hence, the EMAN Steering Committee decided to conclude the EMAN labelled activities, and to support other ongoing initiatives as EuroSafe Imaging and Melodi instead, which are carrying on the spirit of EMAN.

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