Additional resources for patients

In addition to EuroSafe Imaging’s ‘What Patients Should Know’ publications, there is a range of information and other resources available for patients and the general public to help answer your questions about medical imaging.

Radiation Protection of Patients (RPOP), produced by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), is a resource for health professionals, patients and the public on the safe and effective use of radiation in medicine. Patients can read about what to expect during their upcoming medical examinations using ionizing radiation in the FAQs below:


The IAEA has also produced a number of posters and leaflets about radiation protection, that are available here.

The European Society of Radiology also has a Patient Advisory Group (ESR-PAG), which aims to bring together patients, the public and imaging professionals in order to positively influence advances in the field of medical imaging to the benefit of patients in Europe.