WP 1

WP 1: Project Management, Coordination and Dissemination

WP 1 is in charge of the overall coordination of the project and monitors the implementation of the EUCLID work plan continuously. Moreover, WP 1 is responsible for project-internal and external communication, including serving as contact point between the project team and the European Commission.

WP Leader: J. Damilakis
Co-Leader: G. Frija
Contributors: ESR Project Office


  • Task 1: Organisation and chairing of the kick-off meeting and the Executive Board meetings
  • Task 2: Financial administration
  • Task 3: Monitoring of ongoing project work and of achievement of project deliverables, as well as quality assurance and risk management
  • Task 4: Reporting to the European Commission
  • Task 5: Internal and external communication, as well as dissemination