MEDRAPET successfully organised the European Workshop on Education and Training in Medical Radiation Protection in Athens, Greece on April 21 – 23, 2012.

The MEDRAPET workshop aimed at facilitating the discussion on issues related to radiation protection education and training of medical professionals in the EU member states. Guest speakers and members of the MEDRAPET project presented the current status, difficulties and future opportunities in the field of education and training in radiation protection. This workshop was intended for a wide audience of professionals involved in medical radiation protection such as medical physicists, radiologists, radiation oncologists, nuclear physicians, radiographers, referring physicians, engineers as well as representatives of international organizations, professional societies, regulatory organizations, health authorities, manufacturers and university students.

The workshop programme was divided into several round tables, each of them handling a specific subject within the area of education and training in medical radiation protection:

Round table 1 outlined the MEDRAPET project, with invited speakers directly involved in the project.

Round table 2 presented the current status in radiation protection education and training in Europe and first results of the MEDRAPET project.

Round table 3 focused on education and training in radiation protection for medical professionals involved directly with the use of ionizing radiation. Experts from radiology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, dentistry and vascular surgery presented their views on this subject.

Round table 4 presented the role of international and national organizations in medical radiation protection education and training.

Also, representatives from 6 European scientific societies (ESR, ESTRO, EFOMP, CIRSE, EANM and EFRS) presented the view of their organizations on education and training in radiation protection (round table 5). The programme also included several invited lectures, oral presentations, posters and a panel discussion.

With 108 participants from 29 different countries, fruitful discussions and contributions, the workshop can be counted as a starting-point of a sustainable collaboration in the area of Radiation Protection Education and Training.

The workshop acted as a platform for exchange of ideas and knowledge relevant to radiation protection education and training for healthcare staff. Τhe outcomes will form the basis for a European Guidance on radiation protection education and training of medical professionals.

To access the MEDRAPET book of abstracts, please click here.

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