WP 1

WP 1: Project Management, Coordination, and Dissemination

WP 1 is in charge of the overall coordination of the project and monitors the implementation of the QuADRANT work plan continuously. Moreover, WP1 is responsible for project-internal and external communication, including serving as contact point between the project team and the European Commission.

WP Leader: D. Howlett
Co-Leader: A. Brady
Contributors: ESR Project Office

WP1 is in charge of the following tasks:

Task 1.1          Organisation and chairing of Kick-off meeting and Executive Board meetings.

Task 1.2          Financial administration.

Task 1.3          Monitoring of ongoing project work and of achievement of project deliverables (to be submitted to the EC as part of the interim and final reports) as well as quality assurance and risk management.

Task 1.4          Reporting to the EC according to the Tender Specifications.

Task 1.5         Internal and external communication as well as dissemination.