The European Society of Radiology’s eLearning portal Education on Demand was launched at ECR 2015 and provides ESR members with specially selected content and accredited online learning.

RP modules ESR Education on Demand also offers e-learning modules and a self-assessment test on medical radiation protection, developed by the members of the ESR Radiation Protection Subcommittee and Dr. Madan Rehani, former Director of Radiation Protection at the ESR. These modules give users a comprehensive overview of the principles of radiation protection, dose management, the regulatory framework for radiation protection in the EU and much more.

In addition, the Tips & Tricks prepared by the Ask EuroSafe Imaging initiative are available on Education on Demand.



The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has launched its first e-learning course related to radiation protection of patients in November 2016.

elearning2 The e-learning course on ‚Radiation dose management in CT‘ provides continuing education to health professionals on the safe and effective use of computed tomography (CT). It focuses among others on justification and optimization of radiation dose, overviews of referral guidelines, explanations of the technical parameters of CT scanning, etc.
The course is organised in eleven modules. It is available to participants all around the world.