ESR@Work September 2016

EuroSafe Imaging on Tour

The EuroSafe Imaging Call for Action is a 12-point action plan to achieve EuroSafe Imaging’s objectives of promoting appropriateness in radiological imaging, maintaining radiation doses within diagnostic reference levels, using the ALARA principle and promoting the use of up-to-date equipment, empowering patients, and joining forces with various stakeholders. Action 10 aims at improving communication with health professionals through the EuroSafe Imaging website, newsletters, social media and conferences. With this in mind, EuroSafe Imaging recently went on tour and was represented at various congresses around the world to spread the word about its activities promoting quality and safety in medical imaging.

European Congress of Medical Physics 2016, Athens/Greece, 1-4 September 2016

ESR@Work Sept. 2016_3The first ECMP included the joint EFOMP-ESR session ‘A Multi-Stakeholder Approach To Medical Radiation Protection’. The session featured talks on the ESR’s and EFOMP’s experiences in medical radiation protection with a focus on EuroSafe Imaging. Prof. Guy Frija, Chair of the EuroSafe Imaging Steering Committee, highlighted the ESR’s commitment to radiation protection and to collaboration with other stakeholders in the field. The EuroSafe Imaging campaign, which is working under the umbrella of the ESR Radiation Protection Subcommittee, is led by a multi-stakeholder Steering Committee to guarantee a holistic and inclusive approach in the implementation of its activities to support and strengthen medical radiation protection.ESR@Work Sept. 2016_1

In addition, the European Alliance for Medical Radiation Protection Research (EURAMED) was introduced in this session. EURAMED represents a consortium of five associations involved in the application of ionising radiation in medicine with the goal of jointly improving medical care and radiation protection through sustainable research efforts. The first major outcome was the development of a strategic research agenda (SRA) for medical radiation protection published in July 2016.


CIRSE Annual Meeting, Barcelona/Spain, 10-14 September 2016

ESR@Work Sept. 2016_4EuroSafe Imaging participated in the third Radiation Protection Pavilion at the CIRSE Annual Meeting with a dedicated booth and other activities. The Radiation Protection Pavilion is an interactive awareness campaign on radiation protection and dose management in interventional radiology, providing tailored information and services to promote safe practices amongst interventional professionals. It featured a range of activities including free eye checks for radiation-induced lens opacities, information materials and discussions of the latest protective technologies with industry partners, as well as mini-talks by world-leading experts. Prof. Graciano Paulo, leader of the ‘Ask EuroSafe Imaging’ initiative, gave a mini-talk on EuroSafe Imaging and the campaign’s current activities.

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A sticker initiative promoting the Radiation Protection Pavilion among congress attendees included a prize draw to which ESR was pleased to contribute an ECR 2017 attendance package comprising free congress registration and three nights’ hotel accommodation. Congratulations to the lucky winner: Mr. François Gardavaud.
The ESR and the EuroSafe Imaging campaign are looking forward to further collaboration with CIRSE in the field of radiation protection.

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International Congress of Radiology 2016, Buenos Aires/Argentina, 21-24 September 2016

ESR@Work Sept. 2016_5This year, the ICR was held in Buenos Aires. It included a session on ‘System-based collaborations’ bringing together speakers representing the most important radiation protection campaigns from around the world: EuroSafe Imaging, AFROSAFE, LATINSAFE, Image Gently and Image Wisely, as well as the WHO Global Initiative on Radiation Safety in the Health Care Setting and the IAEA Radiation Protection of Patients Program.

EuroSafe Imaging and the ESR are proud that the European radiation protection campaign acts as role model that is paving the way for like-minded initiatives around the world, fostering cooperation with these initiatives under Action 12 of the EuroSafe Imaging Call for Action.