EuroSafe Imaging at ECR 2019

5-year Anniversary of EuroSafe Imaging at ECR 2019

EuroSafe Imaging will celebrate five years of success in medical radiation protection at the forthcoming European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2019 and will proudly present the campaign’s projects and activities on raising awareness on radiation protection in medical imaging. The ECR 2019 will be held at the Austria Centre Vienna (ACV), from February 27 – March 3, 2019.

Below you can find more details about what EuroSafe Imaging has in store for ECR 2019 making sure that the issue of radiation protection is front and centre throughout the congress.

We look forward to a successful ECR 2019 and to welcoming you to our EuroSafe Imaging activities.

EuroSafe Imaging Lounge

The ECR 2019 will again feature the EuroSafe Imaging Lounge (ACV, 1st floor, foyer N). The lounge will provide a dedicated place for learning about the EuroSafe Imaging campaign’s achievements so far, ongoing activities and planned endeavours. In addition, EuroSafe Imaging’s partners in promoting medical radiation protection will be presented in the lounge.

Dedicated Coffee & Talk sessions will be held in room Coffee & Talk 2 (next to the EuroSafe Imaging Lounge).These sessions will discuss the EuroSafe Imaging campaign’s activities and address the challenges of raising awareness of radiation protection in medical imaging.

Moreover, the EuroSafe Imaging campaign invites you to take your time to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while networking with your colleagues and to try out our photo booth to take home a small ‘memento’ of your experience of the ECR 2019.

Poster exhibition and presentation

As in the previous years, the electronic EuroSafe Imaging poster exhibition with over 120 contributions from experts around the world will be accessible in the EuroSafe Imaging Lounge and the ECR Online and EPOS™ Lounge (ACV, 1st floor). Selected EuroSafe Imaging posters will be presented by the authors at the Voice of EPOS (VoE) stage 1 at the ECR 2019.

VoE 3 – EuroSafe Imaging: Justification
(Voice of EPOS Stage 1, Wednesday, February 27, 11:00-12:00)

VoE 8 – EuroSafe Imaging: Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRLs)
(Voice of EPOS Stage 1, Thursday, February 28, 09:00-10:00)

VoE 24 – EuroSafe Imaging: Optimisation
(Voice of EPOS Stage 1, Saturday, March 2, 11:00-12:00)

Scientific sessions

In 2019, seven scientific sessions are categorised as EuroSafe Imaging sessions, while a number of related sessions are promoted as part of the campaign. These sessions highlight the main focus areas of EuroSafe Imaging’s activities in promoting quality and safety in medical imaging.

EU 1 – Cardiovascular effects after radiotherapy for breast cancer: the European MEDIRAD Project
(Room N, Wednesday, February 27, 08:30-10:00)

EU 2 – Diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) based on clinical indication
(Room N, Thursday, February 28, 16:00-17:30)

EU 3 – Improving radiation protection in medical imaging in low- and middle-income countries: past actions and future directions
(Room N, Friday, March 1, 16:00-17:30)

EU 4 – Advanced clinical dosimetry in interventional radiology
(Room N, Saturday, March 2, 08:30-10:00)

EU 5 – Getting the balance right: radiation risk and imaging benefit in paediatric procedures
(Room N, Saturday, March 2, 14:00-15:30)

EU 6 – CT radiation risk in children: an overview
(Room N, Saturday, March 2, 16:00-17:30)

EU 7 – Artificial intelligence and radiation protection
(Room N, Sunday, March 3, 08:30-10:00)

Coffee & Talk sessions

The ‘Coffee & Talk’ sessions offer short lectures and discussions in a relaxed atmosphere next to the EuroSafe Imaging Lounge (Room Coffee & Talk 2). EuroSafe Imaging will present eight dedicated sessions in this format. Participants are welcome and we encourage you to stop by and contribute to the informal discussions while enjoying a coffee or tea.

C1 – Clinical audit across Europe: how to increase uptake and support BSS transposition
(Room C&T 2, Wednesday, February 27, 09:00-10:00)

C3 – Bonn Call for Action Implementation Toolkit: free access to a wealth of resources
(Room C&T 2, Wednesday, February 27, 12:30-13:30)

C4 – Radiation protection in paediatric patients – same principles, different approach: use cases
(Room C&T 2, Wednesday, February 27, 14:00-15:00)

C9 – Dissemination of ESR iGuide in Europe: use cases
(Room C&T 2, Thursday, February 28, 12:30-13:30)

C11 – Dissemination of ESR iGuide in Africa and the Middle East: use cases
(Room C&T 2, Thursday, February 28, 14:00-15:00)

C14 – Access to the medical physics expert (MPE) in the imaging department: use cases
(Room C&T 2, Friday, March 1, 10:30-11:30)

C15 – EuroSafe Imaging meets Canada Safe Imaging
(Room C&T 2, Friday, March 1, 12:15-13:15)

C17 – Team approach and safety culture in the imaging department
(Room C&T 2, Friday, March 1, 13:30-14:30)


Click here for more information on ECR 2019. The congress programme is available here.