EuroSafe Imaging at ECR 2018 – review

EuroSafe Imaging featured prominently on ECR 2018 agenda


The European Congress of Radiology 2018 introduced new session formats, new locations, new scientific highlights and a booming technical exhibition.

As in previous years, the ESR’s radiation protection campaign, EuroSafe Imaging, also had strong representation at the congress to raise awareness about quality and safety in medical imaging.

Read below to learn about the EuroSafe Imaging’s activities at ECR 2018.

EuroSafe Imaging Lounge

ECR 2018 featured for the second time the EuroSafe Imaging Lounge, which provided detailed information on radiation protection issues. The area displayed information on the new EuroSafe Imaging Call for Action 2018 and the tools available to support compliance with the new Basic Safety Standards Directive (2013/59/Euratom). In addition, congress attendees could browse through the electronic EuroSafe Imaging poster exhibition on two touch screens in the lounge.

Moreover, the ESR iGuide, the European Society of Radiology’s solution to make imaging referral guidelines readily available and easily usable everywhere in Europe, was presented at a dedicated stand in the EuroSafe Imaging Lounge.

The EuroSafe Imaging Lounge was also a highly visited spot at the ECR 2018 because of a BSS quiz, which attracted a lot of attention. Participants in the quiz were rewarded with a free drink at the nearby café. In addition, a EuroSafe Imaging reception was organised to give kudos to everyone who provided their invaluable support to accomplish the campaign’s mission.

Moreover, representatives of stakeholder organisations and members of the EuroSafe Imaging Steering Committee were interviewed about radiation protection topics at the lounge. The videos will soon be released on the EuroSafe Imaging website and the ESR’s social media channels and newsletters!

EuroSafe Imaging poster exhibition

For the fifth year running, EuroSafe Imaging organised a poster exhibition at the ECR using the Electronic Presentation Online System (EPOS).

National radiological societies, subspecialty societies of radiology, international and European institutions, industry, and individuals submitted posters demonstrating actions they have taken over the past year to support the EuroSafe Imaging Call for Action.

Thank you to the record 89 submitters that participated in the EuroSafe Imaging poster exhibition at ECR 2018! The posters attracted almost 1,500 views during the congress, which represents another record for EuroSafe Imaging.

Check out the posters of the ECR 2018 EuroSafe Imaging exhibition here!

Selected posters were also presented in a dedicated EuroSafe Imaging session at one of the Voice of Epos stages. The session provided an insight into the topics of audit, imaging guidelines, radiation dose and dose monitoring. The recording of the EuroSafe Imaging Voice of EPOS session is available here.

EuroSafe Imaging sessions

In 2018, three scientific sessions were categorised as EuroSafe Imaging sessions, while a number of related sessions were promoted as part of the campaign. The dedicated EuroSafe Imaging sessions presented the current main focus areas of the campaign. All sessions were packed with congress attendees interested in learning more about the BSS Directive, dose reduction in CT and clinical DRLs.

The session recordings are available on-line (click on the session title below to access the recordings):

EU 1 – Euratom Basic Safety Standards Directive – a comprehensive approach for radiation protection

This session provided an overview of the most important changes with the new directive and presented the implications for medical imaging. In particular, speakers shared their various perspectives (technical, clinical, regulatory, etc.) on medical imaging.

EU 2 – Strategies for dose reduction in computed tomography: from technical concepts to clinical practice

This session aimed at raising awareness of different strategies for dose reduction in CT. Speakers introduced the concepts that facilitate dose reduction and provided an overview of methods used in clinical practice.

EU 3 – Clinical diagnostic reference levels for x-ray medical imaging

This session presented the concept of diagnostic reference levels (DRLs). In particular speakers introduced the concepts of clinical DRLs and local DRLS. They also presented on the current status of paediatric DRLs and the European Commission tender project on clinical DRLs for x-ray medical imaging (EUCLID).

EuroSafe Imaging Coffee & Talk sessions

ECR 2018 also offered a new session format called the “Coffee & Talk” sessions. They were held next to the EuroSafe Imaging Lounge in a relaxed atmosphere with free coffee and tea. The sessions offered short lectures followed by lively discussions with the participants.

EuroSafe Imaging presented the following Coffee & Talk sessions. Click on the session titles to watch the broadcasts of the sessions.

C1 – EuroSafe Imaging meets Japan Safe Radiology

This session presented on two radiation protection campaigns – EuroSafe Imaging and Japan Safe Radiology. In particular, speakers provided highlights of the activities of Japan Safe Radiology with regard to standardisation and optimisation of referral, report registry, dose management and artificial intelligence.

C3 – The right test the first time: clinical decision support systems

This session provided background information on developing clinical decision support systems (CDS) and information on how to use the ESR iGuide in Europe. Speakers introduced the ESR iGuide pilot in Jönköping County in Sweden and provided the US perspective on where CDS stands.

C4 – Research in radiation protection

This session summarised research activities related to radiation protection in Europe. In particular, speakers presented on the European platforms for radiation protection, e.g. EURAMED, and introduced the Horizon 2020 project dedicated to implications of low dose radiation exposure (MEDIRAD).

C6 – ESR audit pilot project

ESR has produced the ESR Clinical Audit booklet Esperanto, a theoretical and practical guide for radiology departments to easily perform audit. As a result, ESR and EuroSafe Imaging Stars developed a pilot project in 2017 to test the proposed audit template. This session presented the results of this pilot project, as well as ESR’s perspective on clinical audit.

C8 – Radiation protection of patients and staff in fluoroscopy guided interventions

This session introduced the basic standards of radiation protection in fluoroscopy-guided interventions. Speakers focused on dose management in angio suites and provided an overview of apparel and shielding to strengthen radiation protection of staff.

C10 – EuroSafe Imaging Stars

This session presented on the EuroSafe Imaging Stars network. Speakers provided an overview of the initiative, indicated how imaging departments can join and explained the concept of optimisation.

C11 – Clinical decision support: challenges to overcome

This session on clinical decision support (CDS) focused on the value of CDS in developing countries. Speakers presented on strategies to combat challenges implementing CDS by using Egypt as an example. The National Decision Support Company concluded the session with a presentation on the functionality of CDS and the benefits and challenges of CDS implementation.