EuroSafe Imaging Update, February 2015

Is your Imaging EuroSafe?

Following the publication of the first two topics of the ‘Is your Imaging EuroSafe?’ survey series in recent editions of ESR News, the ESR has compiled some preliminary results for CT head for acute stroke.

Among the more than 120 respondents, three quarters indicate that their imaging department regularly checks the dose patients are getting for common examinations. Around 81 percent periodically measure computed tomography indices (CTDI). A solid 60-70 percent of departments have exposure values at a reasonable 100 CTDIVOI (mGy) or 1000 DLP (, or lower. However, in up to one quarter of departments, exposure values exceed 200 CTDIVOI (mGy) or 1500 DLP (

How does your institution compare to these values? Let us know by taking the surveys on CT head: acute stroke and CT chest: pulmonary embolus.

We count on your support to achieve the ‘Is your Imaging EuroSafe?’ survey’s objective to build a European repository based on dose exposures for specific clinical indications that would be most helpful for self-benchmarking, and to establish diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) in the future.

Visit the EuroSafe Imaging booth at ECR 2015 (entrance hall, Austria Center Vienna) to find out more about the survey and preliminary results.


EuroSafe Imaging at ECR 2015

The EuroSafe Imaging campaign has had a busy year since its launch at ECR 2014, as the ESR and its partners have been working hard to implement the EuroSafe Imaging Call for Action issued in September 2014 (for an update on the current state of affairs, read this article from the last edition of ESR@Work).

With ECR 2015 only a few weeks away, we would like to inform you of what EuroSafe Imaging-related activities await you in Vienna this time around.

Poster exhibition & information booth
ECR 2015 will again feature a EuroSafe Imaging poster exhibition where the ESR, its institutional member societies, European and international organisations and other stakeholders present their radiation protection efforts. The exhibition will remain open for visitors for the duration of ECR and will be located in the ECR Live & EPOS Lounge, First Level Austria Center Vienna.

For more information on the initiative and how to become a Friend of EuroSafe Imaging to support our campaign to improve quality and safety in medical imaging, visit the EuroSafe Imaging booth in the entrance hall of the congress centre.

The wide scope of EuroSafe Imaging is reflected in the range of topics of the six scientific sessions featured under the EuroSafe Imaging umbrella in this year’s congress programme. More information on EuroSafe Imaging sessions and other activites at ECR 2015 is available here.


Be sure to attend some of the EuroSafe Imaging events during the ECR, and please support this important initiative by becoming a Friend of EuroSafe Imaging at